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The goal of wire localization is to obtain a histologic diagnosis , or to perform complete excision of highly suspicious lesion , to excise CNB-proven tumors , or to remove residual suspicious calcifications following excision of malignant calcifications .

tumors following malignant calcifications

Wire localization performed using ultrasound guidance is more rapid and is better tolerated than mammographic localization.

US-guided wire localization can be accomplished if there is a residual lesion visualized sonographically, or if there is an accurately placed clip .


For patients found to have DCIS, complete excision of the entire breast lesion with appropriate margins is required for successful breast conservation therapy .

margins therapy
What is an appropriate margin?
Well I believe it might be the margin for error.
No it is not, it refers to the distance between a tumor and the edge of the surrounding tissue that’s removed along with it.

The achievement of excision margins that are negative for tumor involvement is a significant factor in the reduction of local tumor recurrence .

factor recurrence

The use of stereotactic CNB prior to planned excision of malignant micro-calcifications has decreased the incidence of finding positive margins at the time of excision . But still, 20 % of cases still have a positive histologic margin of excision (Stomper, 2000).

positive margin

The use of localization wires can be inserted mammographically into the breast to mark the site of the radiologic abnormality.

When an excision of a non-palpable breast lesion is performed, with or without retention of a localization wire, a specimen mammogram and pathologic assessment of tumor margins are required.


Whole specimen mammography is obligatory for clinically occult lesions excised under mammographic localization and is recommended for palpable lesions that are associated with micro-calcifications.

All specimens should be oriented by the surgeon . Specimen radiography is done to confirm the accurate removal of the mammographic abnormality and to guide the pathologist to sample the most appropriate area for histology . Visualization of the clip and/or foreign body material accompanying the clip helps the pathologist and the surgeon identify the prior biopsy site.

For example, it disables the stack protector for the function foo but function bar will still be built with the stack protector with the -fstack-protector option.

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The attribute indicates that the only memory accesses inside function are loads and stores from objects pointed to by its pointer-typed arguments, with arbitrary offsets.

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Jump Oriented Programming attacks rely on tampering with addresses used by indirect call / jmp, e.g. redirect control-flow to non-programmer intended bytes in the binary. X86 Supports Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT) as part of Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET). IBT instruments ENDBR instructions used to specify valid targets of indirect call / jmp. The attribute has two roles: 1. Appertains to a function - do not add ENDBR instruction at the beginning of the function. 2. Appertains to a function pointer - do not track the target function of this pointer (by adding nocf_check prefix to the indirect-call instruction).

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Clang supports the ability to diagnose when the results of a function call expression are discarded under suspicious circumstances. A diagnostic is generated when a function or its return type is marked with (or ) and the function call appears as a potentially-evaluated discarded-value expression that is not explicitly cast to .

The noduplicate attribute can be placed on function declarations to control whether function calls to this function can be duplicated or not as a result of optimizations. This is required for the implementation of functions with certain special requirements, like the OpenCL “barrier” function, that might need to be run concurrently by all the threads that are executing in lockstep on the hardware. For example this attribute applied on the function “nodupfunc” in the code below avoids that:

gets possibly modified by some optimizations into code similar to this:

where the call to “nodupfunc” is duplicated and sunk into the two branches of the condition.

nomicromips (gnu::nomicromips)

Clang supports the GNU style and attributes on MIPS targets. These attributes may be attached to a function definition and instructs the backend to generate or not to generate microMIPS code for that function.

These attributes override the and options on the command line.


A function declared as shall not return to its caller. The compiler will generate a diagnostic for a function declared as that appears to be capable of returning to its caller.

The not_tail_called attribute prevents tail-call optimization on statically bound calls. It has no effect on indirect calls. Virtual functions, objective-c methods, and functions marked as always_inline cannot be marked as not_tail_called .

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Why do you want to report this?

looking for all transactions under automobile insurance. How do I pull that up?

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Why do you want to report this?

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QuickBooks Online makes it easy for you to check the transactions associated in a specific account. I'd be glad to show you how it's done.

You'll need to open your Chart of Accounts, then view the QuickReport of your Automobile Insurance account. Here are the steps to guide you through:

Easy right? You can now see all of the transactions under your Automobile Insurance Account.

Drop by again here in the Community if you have questions in the future. We're always delighted to help.

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I am very new to QB. I am looking for a report that will show me all transactions I have entered and categorized under my account, Rental Income. Can anyone help? :)

I have Rental Income in my chart of accounts I also have Expense Refund. I was able to pull up my transactions under Rental Income, but can't remember how I did it, and now need to pull up a list of transactions under Expense Refund. It worked for me to look at my profit and loss statement but I wish I could see the dates of the transactions.

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I created an account under chart of accounts called "Bank of Canada", and I input all the journal entries under this bank register. But now I need create a different account called "Bank of Montreal", with all the details info, i.e. address, type, account number, etc.. and I need transfer all the transactions under the old bank account "bank of Canada". What can I do in order to transfer from the bank register to the new bank account?

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I am transitioning a 20+ year-old manufacturing S-Corporation from using AccountEdge on an Apple Computer to QuickBooks Pro 2017 on a Windows 10 PC. In the AccountEdge Chart of Accounts there are many accounts with figures. I have already gone through several tutorials for QuickBooks 2017 by Lynda.com and Udemy. These all seem to deal with setting up new companies, not transferring established companies. I have easily established my bank accounts and credit accounts in QuickBooks 2017 and have...

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